hoppifo started off initially as a blog, run by a group of expat friends who encountered difficulties finding special sale events, local pop up markets & secret shopping spots in foreign countries.

Our strong desire to build a shopping directory (just like Shoppifo is today) and our shared passion for shopping led us to start a shopping info blog we could all share.

We would share every sale news we can find or come across on that blog and post about all those cool shopping spots we have been to in our home countries or on our travels.

With the hard work of admins and part time shoppers slash bloggers, it became quite successful. More awesome people from other expat communities around the world joined force and contributed to pages of our blog.

The confidence to turn the blog into full directory site was soon gained from all those visits we received in our first year. Visits from all corners of the world that we would always be grateful for.

Today, Shoppifo is a human-submit & edit directory website dedicated to everything related to shopping.

These days, listings on Shoppifo are mainly created by retail businesses and event organizers across the world. But online editors from different locations of the globe still edit the listings before they get published on shoppifo.

The reason is to make sure that we only publish the quality listings with accurate info. That is also the reason why we never use import tools just to populate listings on our site. You will notice that listings on Shoppifo are created from the scratch, either by one of us or actual businesses.


That’s not all … everytime we receive the listings, we always perform our own fact checking and research process first to add extra info if needed before they get published!

Since we would be the main users ourselves, we also decided to practice no messy ads policy from the beginning to create best users experiences. 

All of the things above, how Shoppifo support team quickly response and the way we treat businesses or shoppers like friends and family reflect our strong desires to make shoppifo a useful, helpful and happy place at all time.

After all, this is the warm useful home we tried to built for ourselves & everyone who live for and share the same passion, Shopping …

Thank You So Much for reading this and using Shoppifo.

We promise to you that we will always try to improve your user experiences.

Happy Shopping Everyone !!!