Directory of  Global Shoppers :

Shoppifo was founded by a group of expat friends who encountered difficulties finding special sale, local pop up markets & secret shopping spots in foreign countries.

Their strong desire to build a shopping directory (just like Shoppifo is today) and their shared passion for shopping led them to start a shopping info blog they could all share.

So Shoppifo began it’s journey as a blog to share every sale news they can find or come across and all those cool shopping spots they have been to on their travels.

Today, it has become a human-submit & edit directory website dedicated to everything related to shopping. Founders of shoppifo and like minded individual contribute to pages of shoppifo from locations all over the world.

Retail business around the world also create profiles of their business and listings for their store locations. They also create event listings on Shoppifo to let their customers and travellers know of their special sale and events.

Since shoppifo’s founded and run by customers who really passionate about shopping, Shoppifo keep no messy ads policy since the beginning and always trying to improve user experiences all the time.

Admins and editors make sure the listings on shoppifo can be searched easily based on locations,criteria and desires of all the shoppers around the world.

They also make sure all the listings on shoppifo provide all the essential information a shopper might want to know and encourage business to do the same. The listings in other languages are also translated by human native translators into English and English translation is always included in the original listings to make lives of international travellers easier.

How Shoppifo support team treat businesses and shoppers like friends and family reflect founders’ strong desires to make customers like themselves feel welcomed. After all, this is the warm useful home they tried to built for themselves & everyone who live for and share the same passions, Shopping.

Thank You So Much for reading this and using Shoppifo.

Happy Shopping Everyone !!!



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