Fashion Days : 350 + sample sales

For nearly 360 days a year, The World Fashion Centre in Amsterdam is only accessible to retailers and other professionals of the fashion industry.

But during the two events every year, each lasting three days, it become accessible to consumers around the world. Those eagerly anticipated events are Spring & Autumn editions of the fashion fair named “Fashion Days”.

Known as mother of all samples sales, Fashion Days had been widely regarded as the largest fashion trade fair in the world. More than 350 top national and international fashion brands / labels showcase their latest and greatest here including Gucci, Dior, Hugo Boss and Armani to name but a few.

Showrooms of those 350 plus names offer wide range of men, women , children clothings and fashion accessories at special prices turning usually quiet World Fashion Center into frenzy paradise for fashion hunters of all ages.

If you starting to feel like wanting to drop everything, visit Amsterdam and lose yourself inside this mecca of fashion for three days because of this article, Fashion Days Spring Edition is just around the corner in April.

So book your tickets now peeps and Happy Shopping ! !

Reported by Jennifer Curtis (Shopping News Live)

Fashion Days Spring Edition April 2017

Dates & Opening Times :
*Friday   April 7   –  12.00 – 22.00
*Saturday  April 8   –  09:00 – 18:00
*Sunday    April 9   –  09:30 – 17:00

? Single tickets cost € 12.50 + € 1.50 administration fee

Tips : Bring along huge empty suitcase or two to put all the great finds. Go early and hit your favorite brands first as some showrooms tend to run out of stocks quickly and close early. There are great food options there too if you ever find time to eat on your special day 🙂

Reported by Jennifer Curtis (Shopping News Live)

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