Just Off The Grand Place

Belgium is not just famous for tomorrowland, inventing fries , chocolate, Belgium cut diamond and waffles. Although not well known to some, they are also famous for their lace.

As well as being the country that manufacture over 800 kinds of different beers, it is the only country in the world that still produce two kinds of handmade lace, bobbin lace and needle lace.

Lace had been a major Belgian export and contributed greatly to the country’s economy since the 12th century and Belgian lace is still considered best in the world until today.

You will find many lace shops that sell antique laces to modern patterns across Belgian especially in main lace producing cities like Brussels,Bruges and Ghent.

But while handmade Belgian lace are most sought after among lace lovers, the lace products you will find these days across Belgium are imported. Another thing about lace buying in Belgium is that although you can buy nice looking lace souvenirs at cheap prices, real handmade lace can be very pricey.

That’s why lace shopping can take up lots of your valuable time if you after only the best and reasonable prices at the same time. That is why despite many lace shops offering virtually the same things, it is difficult for both you and us to find just the right shop that will save us our energy and time.

But we luckily found one shop in Brusells that worthy of being in our top picks around the world. But unlike many hidden shops that featured on our sites, this one is bang in the middle of the city and situated right by one of the biggest attractions of the city of Brussels, The Grand Place.

It is indeed just 2,3 minutes walk away from famous Grand Place, situated at 10 Rue Charles Bul, famous street named after the famous former mayor Charles Bul. So although the shop is not on the google map, you will find it quite easily.

It is well known among frequent visitors knowledgeable lace lovers but tourists are still reluctant to go into this charming shop because of it’s location being so close to Grand Place assuming the worst, fearing the high asking prices inside.

But that is not the case at all with this shop “Nicole Toebac” at all. Even before you go into the shop, and met with probably the biggest surprise of your trip by prices being offered there, you are given ten percent discount. Yes indeed … just bring printed coupon from their website. (* We were checking broken links around shoppifo and found out that Nicole Toebac website is down for time being: We will update you asap regarding the status of theie website. Thank You)

And since we mentioned reasonable prices and discount, you might be wondering if this shop is too good to be true and started thinking about imported lace we talked about earlier. Worry no further, because all the lace products @ N. Toebac are hand made in Belgium using the finest materials available.They are produced in most traditional ways by some of the very few skilled lace makers left in the country.

They are known as specialist of Renaissance and Princess lace, two needlelace techniques introduced in 19th century. Only equipments and materials used to make this kinds of lace are needle, thread and scissors. Also required is huge amount of time and these kinds of lace productions can only be found in Belgium.

Nicole Toebac is one of the few shops in Brussels that only stock those precious Renaissance & Princess laces. This little shop offer wide range of products and prices from handkerchief to wedding veils. Here are the list of items available …

Lace table-cloths
Lace bridge-sets
Lace place-mats
Round doilies
Oval doilies
Lace runners
Princesse lace
Bridal veils and accessories
Princesse lace scarves and fans
Christening gowns
Bobbin lace
They also sell small adorable stuffs that would make great gifts such as

Mini pouches
Draw string bags
Tissue box holders
Coasters and much more …

You should know by now that to be on our top picks, the owners / employees of the shops we select have to be patient plus friendly and this little gem is no exception. We also love the fact that the owners have been running this family business for three generations now and thus treasure this trade and being extra careful with all their works.

Those factors above make us trust N Toebac and confident enough to present it as one of our top picks around the world. So be sure to pay a visit whenever you’d be in Brussels. We are sure they won’t let you down because more important than making the sale, they need to protect their reputation they built through three generations…

Happy Shopping Everyone !!!

▪️written by Silly Sam ( Shopping News Live)

***Not Promoted by Nicole Toebac