YES! Creating an event or directory listing on Shoppifo is FREE and always will be.

And there is no limit to how many listings you can create as long as your listings meet our requirements.


You can create event or directory listing easily on Shoppifo.

This is how you do it …

Step – 1

Press POST NOW button from any page and register.

Step – 2

After the sign up process, you will be taken to your dashboard. Once you are there, Press New button on the right hand corner and choose submit a listing. You will be taken to the pricing table page.

You can also go to Pricing Table Page by choosing Create Listing sub-menu under Services Menu.

Step – 3

Choose an appropriate package on Pricing Table Page and press Post Now inside that package.

Step – 4

Now you are on Submit Form Page. Simply fill out the form and press submit.

That’s it !

We will review, edit & publish your listing within 24 hours and notify you via email from [email protected] (Please check all your mail folders)

*Process is the same for sale, event or directory listing. We have set all the necessary Categories for you to choose from on the submit form.

We are introducing many new functions, features and services at our new address here.

All our packages now come with

  • Powerful Dashboard of Your Own to Create / Edit & Monitor Your Listings
  • Map / Street View / & Get Directions Functions
  • Upload 3 D View of Your Business
  • Free Edit For Better Search Engine Performance
  • Icons With Direct Links To Your Website & Social Media Channels
  • Direct Message Box On Your Listing

Paid package users will enjoy following extra features & services

  • Show Video
  • English version added for FREE
  • Be on top of the search results
  • Get featured in e.mail alerts to our subscribers
  • More Categories
  • Unlimited Photos
  • Submit News For Our Blog
  • FREE writing service by experienced writers
  • FREE  editing service by marketing experts
  • Priortized Support

Not exactly 24/7 BUT we are open 7 days a week and two shifts of support team will serve all your needs for more than 16 hours a day, between 1 AM to 7 PM GMT !

– Instantly if you are using our very cheap paid packages.

– From few minutes to few hours and no longer than 24 hours to get approved and be online even if you are using our FREE plans.

*However, our quality control team is still gonna check the quality of both Free & Paid  listings. And if needed, they will contact you and work with you to meet the requirements to be on Shoppifo.

If your listing already meet our requirements, approval letter will be sent within 24 hours whichever package you are using.

Your Listings Will Be Flagged by Quality Control / Editing team if  …

  • It has no or very little info in the description section.
  • It is using insulting languages, low quality cover photo, offensive images or photos that are not responsive on mobile devices.
  • It is a listing for business that don’t have website or social media profile. (We will help you set up Website or Social Pages if requested)
  • It is for business that are not associated with shopping or retail industry. (Will definitely be removed and money will be refunded even if it is a paid listing)
  • It lack essential information for shoppers. (ex: exact time for events)

But We will support you and work with you closely, so that your listings will be approved and be online at all time.

Yes, you can modify and update your listings or add special events anytime from your dashboard/member page.

  • To go to your dashboard, Just click on your username, appearing at the top right corner (after logging in) and then click on dashboard.

We will remove it from Shoppifo, BUT we will make sure that your sale/event listing is linked to your directory listing (If you have created it).

By doing so, whoever click on the link of the sale/event listing on search engine and social media won’t run into 401 pages. Instead they will get other valuable info about your business from your listing page.

No, you can just create title, put all your info in the description box and ignore all the other fields if you wish.

However we have provided you with many fields based on our user surveys. Those are the information users want to know and would look for.

So you can take advantage of those fields to give as many information as you can in clear and effective way.

Sure we can, we created existing categories, locations and product types based on user surveys & previous listings.

But we will create new ones if necessary, as long as they will be associated with shopping or the location of your listing is not on our country list.

Just send your listing title and new suggestion to [email protected] and we will take care of the rest.

It’s just a formality and part of the check out process. You only need to fill out once. You may also notice that we never ask for your credit card info if you are using the FREE service.

We also have no intention to share or rent your information with any third parties. So please be assured that you will never be charged for our FREE services and it’s always safe to use our site.

You may notice that there aren’t many messy ADs on our website. That is because we would like to keep our site clean and give the users the best experience. After all, that is one of the main reasons why our visitors love our site.

However we have created the sole sponsorship option for businesses that want to go beyond their regular and feature listings.

There is only one slot available for monthly sponsorship program and since we are the site with visitors around the globe, it may only be suitable for international brands with presence in many countries.

The sponsor will become sole sponsor of our site & fun contests. It will also have banners across our site Plus +  FREE listing options.

For more details, please e.mail us: [email protected] :

For other collaborations e.mail us: [email protected]

Thank You and Hope To Work With You Soon.

You can claim your business by clicking on claim button & filling out a pop up claim form on the listing page of your business, previously set up by Shoppifo Team.

We will reply to you as soon as possible and together, begin verifying process using few methods to verify that you are indeed the owner of that business.

After that you can purchase any package you like to use at our shop and we will hand over the listing.

In less than 24 hours, you can start receiving messages from your customers, responding to reviews / comments, changing the content of your listings and adding more listings from your dashboard !