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    Handcrafted wood and resin jewellery - Rings & Pendants

    *Each piece is unique and one of a kind

Secret Wood is a Canadian brand that handcrafts unique wood and resin jewellery in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Our goal is to encapsulate tiny secret worlds at your fingertips. Using jewellery resin and fine woods, our craftsmen create unique wearable experiences.

Secret Wood’s beginnings can be traced back to December 2015 in a small workshop in Rail Town, Vancouver.

Both Vancouver and Canada have played a key part in the inspiration behind Secret Wood’s designs. A blend of ethereal fantasy elements grounded on Canadian natural landscapes shape Secret Wood’s creations.

Secret Wood’s collection started with a variety of ring designs and has since expanded to include pendants. Pieces are made of a combination of different types of wood and resin as well as additional decorative elements such as blossoms and flakes of gold. Some designs feature 925 sterling silver.

We have gained loyal customers since the launch and have nearly 800,000 followers on Facebook (as of December 2017) mainly because each and everyone of our piece is unique and one of a kind.

Get yourself something magical that will set your soul on fire or give your loved ones the most unique gift that they can treasure for a lifetime.


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