'Why Get Listed on Shoppifo?'


Thinking of getting your business listed in our shopping directory? Learn all the reasons & benefits here.

And find out why getting listed on Shoppifo is one of the the most important things you need to do for your company.

Not An Ordinary Web Directory:

Shoppifo is not a link farm, not a place that just host static directory pages and it certainly is not one of those abandoned directories around the web that people rarely visit.

This is the platform you can use to effectively promote not just your brand name, but sales, events & products too.

Shoppers and travellers around the world visit Shoppifo everyday to search for the best shopping options in their current cities and on the web. 

Founders and everyone working here at Shoppifo love shopping. In fact, we are crazy about it. So you can always count on us to keep working hard to maintain Shoppifo as a vibrant community where shoppers like us feel at home.

Total Control:

You are in charge of your contents on Shoppifo.

Shoppifo allow you to edit your directory listing(s), meaning you can update info and add fresh photos yourself, anytime you wish.

That’s not all … you can publish events and attractive promos too to appear on your listing pages.

Or create separate listings for your important events or store locations, right from your dashboard.

You are in charge of your listing packages and promotional methods too here on Shoppifo.

You can downgrade or upgrade your listing(s) to suit your needs. Or promote them by using shoppifo key anytime you wish. You can even pause those promotion(s) and use it later for same listing or other listings you have here on Shoppifo.

Direct Contact With Customers:

Direct message box feature is available on Shoppifo. The message box is right on your listing(s), making it super convenient for your customers and new leads to connect with you right away and ask questions about your up coming event, shipping terms etc. 

Loved by Shoppers:

Visitors / Potential Shoppers love our strict no messy ads policy and Directory only for shopping policy.

They also love our simple, clean and modern design. 

Most of all, they love learning about events in their current city and brands, trends & products from all parts of the world.

Powerful Search Tools:

Thanks to easy-to-use search tools we set up, your business will be easily discovered by shoppers based on their current location or by cities, countries, categories and product types.

Support You Will Love:

You will never walk alone on Shoppifo. That is something we can truly guarantee you right now.

We are always here to help you succeed.  Never ever hesitate to ask us questions or seek support for anything.

Once you joined Shoppifo, you become the member of our family and we would treat you as such, with love..

It doesn’t matter weather you are an international brand or a small business with one tiny store, everyone is treated equal here.

Silly questions are welcome, suggestions are taken seriously and we are always generous with our expertise and time when it come to editing, advice, discussions and more.

If you don’t look good, we don’t look good … If you don’t succeed, we don’t succeed. So, we will try our best to help create the perfect listing your business deserve. The listing that would lead you to more sale! 

Let’s work as a team now!

New Customers:

SHOPPIFO serve customers around the world and is the one-stop / go-to directory for Travellers, Expats & Local Shoppers looking for new brands, great shopping spots, sale and shopping events at where they are.

By listing here and informing them about your brands, products or store, your business is bound to attract new customers. 

Not just the ones in your country mind you, but new customers from all corners of the earth !

Start targeting anyone near your store(s) or events who previously weren’t aware of your presence! 

Must For Your Online Store:

Submitting / Getting Listed on popular human edit directories like Shoppifo will significantly help your online business in many ways.

Here’s How ….

– By increasing the number of links to your website,  your site / store will be ranked higher by the search engines and have more links for people to click on and end up at your site.

– Being listed on human-edit sites also increase credibility for your store because an actual person must review your site for quality content before it can be listed. Because of this, when your site is listed in those directories, people immediately know your website provides quality products and will be more likely to pay your site a visit.

– Your directory listings will get listed in the search engine listings and that will send valuable traffic to your website even if your website does not have top rankings in the search engines.

Your Second Online Store:

Shoppifo is always crowded with international shoppers. And our shop page is one of the most visited pages here. 

Our visitors are always looking for unique items and special prices. We have helped many businesses make sales via our shop.

So, why not take advantage of our low fixed monthly fee & Start Selling Your Products Now!!! No need to pay us additional commissions. 

Display your top products on Shoppifo and simply link them to the corresponding product pages on your online store.

Those products will have their own shop page too, accessible via your main directory page.

Do not have an online store yet? Sell on shoppifo via our universal check-out system. Get paid weekly or monthly.

Most Affordable Pricing:

Last but not least is the pricing!

You will find that Shoppifo is the cheapest platform to reach your potential customers quickly.

Not only do we offer the FREE listing option, prices we set for all the packages are very low. Even for the small business owners! Why? Because we want small businesses to succeed as much as the big ones.

By taking advantage of our Free or affordable listing options, you and your company will be saving so much on other advertising campaigns that may not be as effective.

You Will Not Regret:

So, Try us and you will get results you have been looking for elsewhere.

You were probably thinking, ‘there must be some reasons why our competitors & big retail names around the world are getting listed here on Shoppifo’.

Well now you know the reasons, it’s time to take that leap of faith in us and get listed on Shoppifo.


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