Why Get Listed on Shoppifo ???

B E C A U S E . . .

– Vistors / Potential Shoppers love our strict no messy ads policy and Directory only for shopping policy.

– They also love our simple, clean and very modern design and love exploring our popular shopping map and easy to use search tools.

– Your business will be easily discovered by shoppers based on their current location or by countries, categories and product types.

– You will find that Shoppifo is the most effective and cheapest platform to reach your potential customers quickly.

– By taking advantage of Free and cheap listing options, you and your company will be saving so much on other advertising campaigns that may not be as effective.

That’s not all! Submitting / Getting Listed on popular human edit directories like Shoppifo will significantly help your business in many ways.

For Your Online Store –

– Submitting in a web directory is the greatest way to increase traffic to your online store.

– By increasing the number of links to your web page,  your web page / store will be ranked higher by the search engines and have more links for people to click on and end up at your site.

– Being listed on human-edit site like Shoppifo increase credibility for your store because an actual person must review your site for quality content before it can be listed. Because of this, when your site is listed here, shoppers / searchers immediately know your website provides relevant information and will be more likely to pay you a visit.

– Your directory listings here will get listed in the search engine listings and that will send valuable traffic to your website even if your website does not have top rankings in the search engines.

So Start submitting to Shoppifo today and increase your links on the web store as well as your credibility and enjoy the extra traffic and ranking.

Your Physical Store / Sale & Shopping Events

Shoppifo is the best directory website to be on for your retail locations, sale and events as well.

Why ???

Because SHOPPIFO is the one-stop / go-to directory for Travellers, Expats & Local Shoppers looking for great shopping spots, sale and shopping events at where they are.

By listing here and adding attractive sale + promos, you will lure more than your loyal customers who clicked like on your social media.

You will be targeting anyone near your stores or events who previously weren’t aware of your presence !

SO Press POST NOW , create your listing and start enjoying all the benefits from posting on SHOPPIFO …

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